Sunday, October 19, 2008

How I feel about teleprompters and blackberries

I was doing a segment a couple weeks ago and I didn't think I needed the teleprompter because I had memorized what I was going to say (it wasn't a conversational thing, it was something where I needed to stick to the script and say the lines in a certain amount of time) and so I asked if I could try it first without the teleprompter. In general, I think producers prefer is you use a teleprompter because it's easier for them to follow along and time things out. So anyway, I tried it and messed up and then admitted that I needed the teleprompter and as I was doing it I had this weird sense of resignation/defeat in a science fiction way, I think because I was trading a certain amount of autonomy for efficiency.

Using a teleprompter well is a skill though, sort of like being able to see the image in those 3-D posters. You have to be able to read without looking like you're reading. Actually, I'd say it's the second part of a two part skill set. The first is to be able to talk to the camera as if the camera is a person, because if you talk to the camera as if it's a camera, you get this weird creeped out look on your face and it's uncomfortable all around. I think I've mastered that as I can talk to any inanimate object. Sometimes they talk back.

So back to the teleprompter though, I think you can easily begin to depend on it, or ... you know what? This whole thing is a long roundabout way of saying that my blackberry is messed up right now and I can't receive email on it and even though I am sitting at the computer, where I can receive email, I still feel deeply unsettled and can't think straight till this is resolved. And I had many metaphors and twists and turns and ways of getting from the teleprompter to the blackberry perhaps stopping off to discuss dialysis and this whole thing was heading in cyborgian science fictiony direction but I have no time for florid language or fancy theory or even metaphors because Tasha at Verizon is supposed to call me back.


Toddrod said...

So, are you thinking about getting an iPhone? Don't be a sheep! Well, sheep are cute and all, but they just do what everyone else does. Stay unique in your own little anti-wool way, Alison! This is why I keep coming back to your blog.


Joe said...

The only inanimate object I talk to is my inflatable Alison doll. She doesn't talk back though. She loves me in other ways.

I'm watching America's Funniest Home Videos right now, which is always good until about the 53rd groin hit. Then it starts getting a little repetitive. Know what I mean?