Friday, October 17, 2008

I want to live here

...not in this place (Australia), but in this photo.

I saw this photo on Desire to Inspire, which I found through some other site through some other site which had something or other to do with couches. "Oh, you're being all neurotic about it," said my friend matter-of-factly last night when I explained how I go from store to store and back again, sitting and resitting, but not getting anywhere. I'm bottoming out, people. I'm more confused than when I began. Do I want a couch or a womb? I began tearing up on a Bayside Swivel Glider ($999) at Crate & Barrel tonight. And by tearing up I mean crying. I realize I've never been less attractive to you than right now. That's why I'm moving to Australia.


Toddrod said...

Just curious Alison, but have you considered custom made furniture? You could hire a carpenter, and as him to make you a womb/couch with a minimal amount of stress. I may cost you a pretty penny (aren't all pennies kinda pretty?), but maybe well worth the costs.

Toddrod (who has a carpenter dad)

Anonymous said...

Quote of the aesthetic photo shoot:

"For all you doubters, IF you watch this weeks SNL, I promise you MY FRIENDS, Sarah Palin will not say LIVE FROM NEW YORK, ITS MAD TV...."

----John McCAiN Impersonator (ACTUAL QUOTE FROM THE Charity Dinner)

moitinhdau136 said...

beautiful place.............

Joe said...

I really like that picture, but look at all the steps going up to the house! That could be a problem once you turn 85 and have had a few hip replacements. But what the hell - you're still a few years away from that, Miss R.

Are you really getting misty over couches? That's understandable. It's a big decision. I feel the same way about toaster ovens. Seriously - I bought a new one several months ago and I hate it. I want my old one back.

I wanted to mention that I temporarily changed my Activity Pit photo yesterday to Bela Lugosi as Dracula in honor of Halloween. However, I want to make it clear that this in no way means that I:

- live in Transylvania
- am undead
- enjoy drinking blood
- am suspectible to garlic or sunlight
- can be killed by a wooden stake through the heart (although it would probably hurt a lot)
- am a fan of Vlad the Impaler
- can transform myself into a bat
- don't cast a shadow
- can't be seen in a mirror

Well, to be perfectly honest - two of the above statements are true, but I'm not revealing which ones. So maybe there really is a little of the vampire in me after all.