Friday, October 17, 2008

Go rate my video or something like that

So I got this email from Skippy from Family Ties the other day, although he didn't identify himself that way, he called himself Marc Price, which is his name, and he's involved with ijoke.come which is a website and he suggested I put my stuff on there so I can expose myself to the comedy world. I'm not taking my clothes off for you or your no good friends I screamed, grabbing objects from my desk and throwing them in the direction of Ohio, which is where the Keatons lived and therefore where the Handelmans also lived. What did I grab? A remote control, a coffee cup, a box of mechanical pencils, and tape recorder, a can of Raid, a Winnie the Pooh notebook which was a gift and which I've had for about 8 years because I remember mentioning it in a column 8 years ago and mentioning that it was a gift, and... um... a magic 8-ball. My desk is messy.

But then I uploaded my video and right now it's featured on the site so go there now and rate it, I guess? I'm still not quite sure how this works but all this exposing myself is liberating! And drafty!


Brett Jones said...

I've no time right now to view and rate your videos, but when I do, I better see some skin Rosen.

Joe (not the plumber) said...

I always wondered what happened to Skippy. For some reason I imagined he was working on a lobster boat off Cape Cod. Or maybe that's Billy Mumy. Or Michael Fishman. Or none of them.

I've cast my vote, Miss R! They didn't have 9.9 so I rounded up to 10. The 1/10th point deduction was for using the word "shit-storm" which we all know isn't really a word. It's considered slang by most linguists, although some would categorize it as a colloquialism.

Unless of course you were referring to, an online gaming community, in which case I would fully restore the 1/10th deduction.