Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hollywood Wrap segment from The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet


Brett Jones said...

That women is horrible. Vile.

What an empty hollow life she must have to revel in being so vicious.

Something tells me she doesn't head home after work to a house full of kids, family and a faithful husband. She likely never will.

Most everyone gets a laugh out of the frivolities of celebrities, but pointing them out seems like bloodsport to this women.

Joe said...

I've never seen that E. Jean lady before, but she definitely needs more fiber.

You totally owned that segment, Alison! Awesome job!!

Toddrod said...

Hahah.. I kinda liked E. Jean. Why would anyone wanna get married? That's often the way I feel anyway. I'm not against marriage, but it is a rather insane institution compared to other alternatives. Just call me Toddrod Leykes.