Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, politics panel, part 2


Brett Jones said...

RE: E. Jean.

If you're friends with her Alison apologies for this criticism of her, but I've really grown to dislike these aging hipsters that pretend to sympathize with someone they don't like simply as a ruse to throw insults at them.

All she did was project her impression of what Cindy McCain's life was like (all doom and gloom, with no mention of all the selfless work she's done for others) and then claimed she'd be trying to medicate herself into oblivion if she was "forced" to live that way.


Scott said...

The old Hag that who looks like Harry Potter's Great Grandfather in Drag is real piece of work!!

Her bringing up the VERY personal fact that Cindy McCain has had Miscarriages...NICE TOUCH!--VERY CLASSY lady!!

The NYT is a even more of a fish wrap/birdcage liner now for publishing those VERY private and intimate details about Mrs. McCain's reproductive history in the first place.:(

Just a perfect example of the blatant liberal bias the NYT has.

When is the NYT going to write a BIG story about how many miscarriages and/or abortions Michelle Obama may have had? How about about a full page story about Barack Obama's extensive use of Marijuana and Cocaine?

I guess those stories will be in this coming weekend's NYT. :( 'All the News That's Fit to Print' indeed.

Anyway, you looked great as always Miss R!