Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Because you asked so nicely, I vlogged


Toddrod said...

Watching you fondle your hair is almost pornographic! Well, now I've become one of "those guys." Sorry! I really love the new vlog location. The lighting is so much better, and you look less shadowy than in your previous apartment.



todd said...

oh my, the best of that was the uncomfortably long pause after "2 VHS tapes"... like you were trying to figure out what the hell was on there.

toddrod- glad to hear you are ok... didn't you faint a couple of postings ago? =)

Joe said...

Wednesday night.. Thursday night.. I think you're totally making up this Red Eye appearance. Did you even really talk to the RE producer on the train the other day??

No, I'm just joking. Of course I believe you. And as your business manager/publicist, I suggest you wear a different hair style on the show tomorrow night. Perhaps a beehive. It would harken back to an earlier era, a simpler time before worldwide financial panics.

Speaking of which, I was just watching Fox News reporting on all the "stress on world financial markets". Stress? They want to see stress? I invite all of them to come up and visit ME for a few days. I'll show them stress! Welcome to MY world Cheryl Casone!

Anyway, great volg Alison. It even had a Bucket List! (I still haven't seen that movie because a 94 year old Jack Nicholson is just plain creey.)

Mark Steven said...

Stop poofing you hair - it makes you look too sexy!

Scott said...


Rockin' the BIG hair--I don't like it....I LOVE IT!!!

Follicular humor?

I had to think about that one for a second--and I used to kick ass and take names at Reader's Digest 'Word Power'--now your blog is not only entertaining but informative and thought provoking too!

Good luck on Red Eye tonight if that's still a go.

My Aim Is True,


Ted from Accounting said...

So like I set the Tivo up to record Red Eye last night...then stopped it because I caught your VLOG just in time! Funny though....I was on my laptop and clicked on the VLOG but didn't realize the computer was I'm watching you mess with hair up and looking crazy....finally, I figured out the problem and re-watched! FYI, that Political Expert they had in your the exact reason I don't watch that show anymore (annoying, not-funny, boring)....Yes, I was up anyway and watched up until the half time thing!

Kick some ass tonight...I mean really they have the "funniest" reporter in NY, so hopefully those minions don't interrupt you as usual!