Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just throwing this out there

I'm going to wash my face. I'm just going to do it. I'm going to take the plunge. Is there any reason I need to keep my achingly beautiful face looking achingly beautiful? Because I'm ready to be wearing less makeup. Except if I do that and then suddenly there is a reason where I should have kept it on, such as a party or "fun time" pops up out of nowhere I will be like DAMNIT, why did I wash all that pretty crud down the drain. And yes, of course I could put it back on, but I know myself and I wouldn't, hence I'll probably just stay home.

That's kind of sad actually. The desire to not put on makeup is stronger than the desire to have a fun time.

Except so rarely are you assured a good time, you know? So often it's just like "huh, I could see where that might be fun."

Also I have a headache. It might be from holding my nose in the air to look down on all of you.

Oh get this: apparently I'm on taxi TV! There's a segment about the funniest reporter show. Anyone see it? I only take helicopters so I wouldn't know.


hugh said...

You're beautiful without the makeup. It's the truest thing I've ever said. And it's funny when you think about how makeup ends up with everything else in the sewage processing plant. har har. That was a very funny vlog too.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the make-up take down:

"This blog needs to be like Youtube. The new audio features for Youtube users allow you to hear your comments as you send them. I sure feel more like myself when I'm posting."

---Stephen Hawking

Joe said...

Guys have the same kind of dilemma only for us it's something like, do I put on a clean shirt to go out and get pizza or stay home and have mac & cheese. It's a close call most nights, but usually if there are a few beers in the fridge the mac & cheese wins out.

Of course for me I never have to go out thanks to Meals on Wheels. And they don't mind if I'm wearing a dirty shirt. Those people are truly doing God's work.

But I actually have an idea for a new product - recyclable makeup. Put it on, take it off, put it on, take it off.

Move over Clinique - there's a new cosmetics player in town!