Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm a go getter

The kind who wakes up at 1pm. I think I'm turning nocturnal. Like a hamster. Now today it's not so bad because I'm doing Red Eye tonight and then at 2am I'm doing an interview on Joey Reynolds show on WOR talk radio about the funniest reporter competition. I just hope he doesn't ask me to tell any jokes because it's going to take an army to keep my from saying:

Heard the one about potato leek soup? It got everywhere!

I made that joke up, by the way. It's both horrible and gourmet.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I have to stay up late so it's not so bad that I'm getting up late but why, why is this happening? I feel I'm going to have to do something drastic like employ an alarm clock one of these days.

Also I'm reading the second book of the Twilight series now. I'm turning into a 13 year old. A nocturnal 13 year old.

UPDATE: We're rescheduling the radio interview for next week. My creaky old body is kind of relieved.


Ted from Accounting said...

Hey did any of your jokes tank that night? I've done some public speaking and usually I only go with home runs...every once in a while, I'll try a joke, picture or video and people don't laugh...I just quickly move on...LOL

Oh, those VLOGS are very becoming on you....hopefully we can see more...if we ask nicely that is!

Ted from Accounting said...

Here is the funny thing since AMR brings up the debates a lot! I'm such a total republican to the bone...but I'm a realist! There is that Activity Pit poll and the majority think McCain won the last debate! I'm like WTF, sometimes people are just blinded to what is reality!!?!?!?!?!

McCain stinks on these debates! End of story! Even if he has a message, he can't deliver it or is so boring...who cares! I wouldn't have Sarah Palin lead a diaper change let alone this country! In her debate, she couldn't even answer what the role of the VP is!!!!!!!!!

I won't bash the democratic candidates but they suck too! AMR for President!

And those are my two cents!

Brett Jones said...

My natural sleep cycle is bed around 2:30-3:00 and up about 10:00. I keep telling myself it's because I was born on the west coast and I'm suffering from some kind of prenatal jet lag.

I am at my most productive from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am though.

Brett Jones said...

I'm voting for the socialist this cycle. I'm just not sure if that's McCain or Obama.

Personally I think Senators should be disallowed from running for President. I want a leader as the head of state, not a person who's a specialist on compromise.

Brett Jones said...

crap! what was I thinking......

Since my goal in life is to endear myself to AMR, I'd like to amend my prior post to say that I'm 100% behind the candidate and ideology that AMR supports.

Joe said...

You're not on Calif time Miss R, you're on more like Australia time. But it sounds like you'll be up half the night, so it's probably a good thing (at least for today.)

Oh, and feel free to use my "Turner Vlassic Movies" line at any future stand up opportunities. I'll only expect a mere $5 per usage. That's cheap for a killer line like that!

I've decided I'm moving to Ohio for the election. Apparently you can vote there as many times as you want. Since I believe voting is an important basic right of citizenship, why should I just vote once when I can vote 25 or 30 times for the candidate of my choice. God bless America!

I just heard on the news that French Novelist Le Cl├ęzio has won the 2008 Nobel Prize for Literature. The Swedish Academy called him an "explorer of humanity." That's funny because I've also been described as such.

Have fun on the show tonight! I hope they at least mention the NY Funniest Reporter contest. I suppose it's too much to ask that they might actually talk about it for a minute or two.

Brett B said...

You have to stop watching "Facts of Life" from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m.