Friday, August 22, 2008

That thing I mentioned I'm hosting

Fresh from moving, smelling like dust and packing tape, perhaps wearing a get-up I fashioned out of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, I'll be hosting video coverage of the MINI Rooftop NYC. I'm pretty excited, though this festival is hipper than I am. I actually brought that up to the festival people, but I think they liked that. I bring a certain... head full of split ends to the whole affair, provided I don't get a haircut before it starts. The page I linked to is where the videos will go up, I think, but if there's another link I'll provide that.


Joe said...

That looks pretty dang cool, Miss R! And it starts Sept 4.

For some reason I'm having a tough time believing we're almost in September. But since fall is my favorite time of year, it's not that bad I guess.

Ted from Accounting said...

The darn link is working for me! I will try back later! Sounds exciting though! Make us proud Ro Ro!