Friday, August 22, 2008

What part of the bee are you?

Laura Leu and I were discussing someone whom we've both had frustrating experiences with:

Me: She's a real piece of work. She's not a tall drink of water OR a sight for sore eyes.
Laura Leu: She's not the bee's knees. Hell, she's not even the bees ankles.
Me: She's the bee's anus.
Laura Leu: You're giving her too much credit, I'd say she's more like the bee's tarsal claw.


Rbastid said...

But was she the cats meow?

I'd hopefully be the bee's little front legs, their like little and cute and useless, also I wouldn't be stood on like them back legs.

Hmm sadly responded to this 8 minutes after you posted it.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the stinger statement:

"It was a tough choice to make but I'm sorry I will not choose Alison Rosen to be my vice president after what she said about "BLAMING DENVER"....."

----Obama on what he will possibly say on Saturday

Joe said...

If I were part of a bee, I would be the Compound Eye. Or, rather, the Compound I. That's because I consist of two or more different elements chemically bonded together in a fixed proportion by mass. Yes, I used to go to Mass a lot and I'm all about fixed proportions. As long as they're supersized.

That be my bee analysis.

Holy crap - it's the WEEKEND! WEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Ted from Accounting said...

I'mmmmmm back! Costa Mesa was beautiful! I had the best sea food dinner in Newport Beach last night!

Ok, here is my contribution: I'd say Alison was the Bee's Honey because she is sweet like that!

Enough of the cheesy lines...I'm out of here! Buzzzzzzzzz

Toddrod said...

I'm allergic to bees. :p


Brett Jones said...

Beecause it's a beeautiful day and beecause it's the week of the Union fair, we're off to see and smell farm animals and eat cornmeal covered grease dogs. Throw in a ride or two on the death trap ferris wheel and the tea cups and it'll be a fun day.

Bee good people and have a great day.

Brett Jones said...

I'd bet we see a few baby chicks and ducklings. I will photo document for the enjoyment of others..

alison said...

Yes please! Thanks, Brett!

Brett Jones said...

Here's my report from the fair.