Thursday, August 14, 2008

See me on Paltalk this morning

I'm doing Diana Falzone's Paltalk internet show this morning at 11am. I'm also so tired I'm kind of... tired! Hopefully my facility with language as evidenced in that previous sentence will carry me through the interview. My faculty with language? Huh? Anyway, get more info here.


Ted from Accounting said...

Oh darn! I just can't get up that early! I can't wait to see the Falzone clip!

You were awesome on RE! You looked HOT and your outfit was Da Bomb! Great hair, jewelry, etc.

Sherrod was his annoying self as usual! So was that Blond girl!

I will admit that I fell asleep before the halftime report. Not because of you...I think subconsciously, I'll puke if I see Levy so my body just shut down at that point! I guess I was supposed to laugh at the Olympic Shotput intro he did!?!?!!??!

Ok, sorry for all the negative...As usual Miss Rosen, you were the best of the show!


Brett Jones said...

I was out this morning and missed the show. Are these only available live or are they archived somewhere?