Thursday, August 14, 2008

A shot from Red Eye last night

Usually when I'm on TV I'm able to escape completely from all the stuff gnawing at me in real life and just go into performer mode, which I think is why I like it so much, but last night for some reason I couldn't get away from anything and so I just felt a little weird the whole night. Not sure how apparent it was, but you can kind of see it in this photo.

And then I beat myself up because I feel like if I were a TRUE professional I should be able to get past anything that might be weighing on me. I mean, not to be ghoulish, but I went on TV the night after I found out my grandma died and it provided a welcome distraction.

Anyway, yeah. I want to live in a safe little TV bubble but last night dumb things—inconsequential things really—were intruding!


Ted from Accounting said...

AMR, you don't have the biggest RE fan club and the coolest bloggers because you aren't a "true professional!" You have these things because you have something unique about your personality and on-screen persona (plus you're kind of cute)!

All of these other comedians / guests try to go on the show and fake it (except Mike Baker - that guy is great)! You don't need to try to steal the air time like others...just being there is great for the fans!

Everyone has an off day...yeah, even me (rare)! But trust me, you could walk out there as a total wreck and your fans would adore you!

Cheer up kid!

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I watched Red-Eye last night and I thought you did great. Anyone who keeps up with your writing knows that you've been apt. hunting and that kind of change would weigh heavily on even the greatest minds. No need to feel "on" all the time. One thing you can't take away from you is that you keep it real. Can't hate on that. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to being a reader again, but I'll leave you with a little moving music first. Peace and rest well.

1) An Open Letter to NYC - Beastie Boys.


P.S. I like the colors you chose last night. Very pretty.

Ted from Accounting said...

Michael in Da House! Welcome back...we missed you!

Ok, so according to my count

Mr Rosen
Mrs. Rosen

All thought you did great! You are 6 for 6 so far!

Brett Jones said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your Grandmother Alison. I hope you and you're family are filled with fond memories of her while you're mourning her passing.

You did a fine job on RE last night (as always). You're always fun to watch so please don't beat yourself up because you think you've had an off night.

Don Allen said...

Alison, you said "Easy pickles!" at the end of the show! Yeah, I caught it. You didn't really seem any different last night, though it seemed like maybe you winged it a bit instead of having jokes ready beforehand. I think people like you because you're very honest on Red Eye, and you don't try to be funny, you just are. It's a stark contrast to someone like Sherrod Small, who seems to always have a one-liner ready to go. (Though most of the time I think he's pretty funny.)

Joe said...

Darn - I didn't hear the Easy Pickles line. My DVR always cuts off the last 20 or 30 seconds of shows. Grrrrr...

I thought you were as enchanting as ever, Miss R. I don't think being a professional means you can always stop things from bothering you. Come on, you're human. That happens to everybody.

Did anyone see the Tuesday night show with Jonathan Hoenig and Jamie Lissow? At the end of the show, someone (I think Andy) was talking about how Hoenig actually had a stock ticker in his college dorm room. Everyone was laughing and Jamie (kiddingly) said, "Loser". Well, Jonathan took it the wrong way and said, "Jamie, you can call me a loser, but I make more money in one day than you make in a month."

OK - TIME OUT!! 20 yard penalty for being thin-skinned! That was uncalled for, and it certainly tells you a lot about Jonathan.

Anonymous said...


"You did fine on Red Eye and I think you are the funniest blogger active considering we have so many internet bashers out there especially on Youtube who can't make any sense with their verbal tirade but are only capable of making superficial complaints and yet they can't produce laughter. Wow MIchael from Loisiana is back, what a surprise !!!! Have yourself an Easy pIckle day .Talking about Louisiana, ain't it wrong for Kid Rock to steal from Lynard Skynarrd their signature song (ALL Summer Long variation of Sweet Home Alabama)?.."

-------A to the N to the O to the N to the Y to the M to the O to the U to the S..........ANONYMOUS

Grant Friedman said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother :-(

Joe said...

I watched the last part of last night's show again and heard the Easy Pickles comment. Well done! How did I miss it this morning?

I also listened to the Tommy Chong interview that I skipped earlier. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

Actually Mr. Anonymous, I'm not back. As far as commenting goes. I was just giving the nice lady a compliment on her blog. Nothing more, nothing less. My intent was not to cause a disturbance. Enjoy the rest of your summer Mr. Anonymous, and happy commenting to you and the rest of Alison's fans. Also, Ted thank you for the kind words.



todd said...

I, as well, caught the "Easy Pickles" call out last night; another great read by Andy Levy to set it up for you. And as you know I love that line anyway. Good times, cool beans, easy pickles.

The show was awesome... I thought you actually 'performed' great although it seems like it's always hard to get a word in when you are not in the main room.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought this, but what about doing the halftime report? PAB ain't got nothin' on you =)


Kelly said...

Sorry to here about your Grandma!
You were great on RE always are!!

George said...

So I was bored and alone in my Las Vegas hotel room the other nite (depressed yet?) and turned on the excessively big flatscreen TV, landing on that show. 'm impressed Alison--yr charming and cute and smart (sometimes at the same time) and you managed to wrangle the "out of the studio" spot, which is probably the only thing that would make your breathless, overly-cocained, sexually-ambigious, career-limbo co-stars tolerable.

this is me: opinions aren't just those of the average stalker creep--but a professional peer...stalker creep ;)

p.s. condolences on grandma. I'm sure she was proud of you.

Davee Jones said...

I had a really bad day,then I came home and you were on red eye'
So for me that day was fantastic,

Anymore Vlogs?