Thursday, August 14, 2008

You guys are the best!

Thanks for making this button, Ted! If I had a binder, I would put this on it. And really, thank you all for the really nice comments. Sometimes this blog is better than a puppy! (Imagine if I had this blog AND a puppy?! I would be showered with affection from all sides. So very tempting.)


Anonymous said...

Quote of the very gloomy blog:

"Hey Alison what's up with the stern yellow face on this post.I want to put a smile on it's face. Why so serious ...?


Brett Jones said...

Alison you make me laugh out loud at 3:00 am and here on the blog, so a few kind words and attempting to lift your spirits when you're down is the least I can do.

It's what pseudo connected internet fan/friends do when their celebrity/friend is going through a tough time. I'm there for you AMR.

Ted from Accounting said...

Easy Pickles Ro Ro!

Ted sends Alison a virtual hug!

Mark Steven said...

Is there an actual fan club, or by just admiring you and your blog, we automatically belong to your fan club?

betch said...

Awww, how adorable!

Joe said...

Excellent button Ted! We should all wear one at Alison's dinner party (except when we're playing naked Twister).

I just finished watching last night's RE. Weird show! Good thing you were on the night before, Alison!

By the way Miss R, if you see a lot of page views on your blog today, it was me. I did a search on the label "Red Eye" trying to find out when your first RE appearance was.

The earliest entry I could find was for a Red Eye show dated 6/16/07, but it's not clear if that was really your very first appearance.

I was also hoping to find out how you first got involved with the show. I don't remember your ever talking about it, so I was looking for an entry. I couldn't find one, so maybe someday you can tell us how that happened.

Joe said...

In doing a little more research, I found an Alison appearance on Red Eye dated April 20, 2007. But again, I don't know if that was the very first.

Ms. Rosen, you're an enigma - a mystery wrapped in a riddle!

Toddrod said...

You know Alison, we ARE the best! We wag our little tails, we are cute, and we don't pee on the carpet of your new apartment floor. We RAWK!