Friday, August 15, 2008

Clips from beginning of yesterday's Paltalk show


Rbastid said...

Oh Alison, forever the voice of reason.

Did Diana ever let everyone know what happened with her and her friend and them using her friend's dog to get her picked up? I would have always said thats pooey, until I passed some girl by my house with a dog, and then started using it to talk to her. Granted she might have been 16/married but I didn't think of that at the time.

Also the word verification getting creepier. Todays = onoymg which I assume stands for "Oh No Why Me God"

Brett Jones said...

Nice move at the beginning. Distracting her out of dancing by asking for some water. You should have just jumped on the table and gone crazy dancing.

Don Allen said...

Diana read my comment about half way through the show. I said something about using Youtube, MySpace, and the other social networking sites to help with being an aspiring writer/director. Then something-something stalker,,, Weird being in a chatroom again, though. Brought me back to my old Compuserve days in 1996.

Ted from Accounting said...

Alison, you look like you have so much fun when you are on with Diana! I like watching these PalTalk clips but wish we could see the whole thing!

I wish I could get my lazy ass up early enough to join!

Have a great weekend!

Toddrod said...

I really need to catch one of these PalTalk shows live one day. I dunno how much help Alison and Diana are for people in relationships though. They are both rather attractive, and I am guessing have a skewed sense of reality for the average person that is ugly and dating like me!


P.S. My verification word is "lssnos." Now for use in a sentence:

Prior to using glasnos as a method of reform, Russian Primier Gorbachev initially wanted to use the theory of lssnoss which would have required all Russians to draw little spots on their foreheads.


Cousin Dave's Place said...

You should come to the Ron and Fez Pal Talk Room

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