Friday, August 15, 2008

Woohoo, Friday night!

Swingtown was so good tonight I can't handle it! Did anyone else watch? I'm really the only person watching this show, aren't I? Also, the news story about the heartless cop who stopped a couple who were rushing their choking poodle to the vet and who wouldn't let them go while their dog was dying in the backseat is putting a strain on my swollen tear ducts. And lastly, I had this conversation with my dad:

My dad: Your fans are so nice!
Me: I know! SO nice!
My dad: I love them!

And now I'm going to go to sleep and wake up in about fifteen hours. If anyone asks, I had a wild and crazy Friday night that involved interactions with fellow human beings in loud places. I probably busted a move or two.


Toddrod said...

I love your dad and his cute little California accent. I like your mom a lot too, but your dad is easy pickles!

Joe said...

I liked that PalTalk segment too. That's a suicide hotline, right? (That's what Greg always says it is.)

I should try watching Swingtown, but last night wasn't the time. The Olympics are on!!! I'm so glad this is Saturday because I was up late every night last week (including until 1 am Thursday night watching women's gymnastics - which were frickin' AWESOME!) I know you're up that late every night, Miss R, but when you have to get up at 5 to 6 am, you can't do that very often.

Anyway, the events next week aren't nearly as exciting. I'll still watch some coverage, but I won't be up late every night. Next Sunday evening is the closing ceremony, which will be good.

What your father said was so nice! I had a brillant idea this morning - you and all the male RosenFans should move to Utah, join a sect and get married. If men there can have multipile wives, why can't you have multiple husbands? Think about it - you'd get tons of presents on your birthday, you'd never have to take out the garbage, someone would always be around to change lightbulbs...

Don't give us your answer right away. Think about it for a while and then we can start making plans.

OK, OK.... maybe it wasn't such a brillant idea :o(

Brett Jones said...

We are so connected through some kind of interstellar, cosmic, subspace wave length thingy. I went back and forth for about a tenth of a second on whether I should say "Bust a move" in my reply to the Paltalk post. It's like we're twins separated at birth.

A few night ago i went to be at 7:30 ish and didn't wake up until more than 12 hours later... It was bliss.

Tell your dad thanks for love.

Toddrod said...

Joe, almost a great idea about the polygamy with Alison. But I don't wanna live in Utah!


Ted from Accounting said...

Papa Rosen showing some LOVE! :)

Ok, so if I knew you didn't have plans on Friday...I would totally have canceled my date with the Barbowski Twins and took you out to dinner! Timing is everything in life! I should probably check your blog more often! :)