Sunday, July 13, 2008

This morning's segment

What I learned this morning? Those product display tables are pretty light/flimsy. If you watch closely you can see where I nearly pushed the thing over because I am very graceful.


Ted from Accounting said...

Can we just give the "shirt" a name? Like do a community vote for one? I'm thinking the shirt could have an exotic type south pacific name...I'm not sure yet! It is always nice when it makes an appearance!

I liked the little American Indian / Daniel Boone looking handbag but I could never imagine you wearing that one.

Joe said...

Great job Alison!!

I was hoping you'd post the WNBC segment from this morning, but I didn't think you'd do it this quickly.

You're the best!! THE BEST!!

Toddrod said...

My friend the "Shirt!" Wow that was a nice surprise! So was the background color that made Alison look camouflaged on the set! It didn't matter, I could see her because although I am blind in one eye, my other eye is quite capable of finding Waldo in those funny books. If I can find Waldo, I can find Alison.


Brett Jones said...

I'm more of a Dooney and Burke guy myself. I just wanted to toss that out there. My birthday's coming up and all....

Anyway. Watching Alison in the clip made me realize I've never seen her legs move. She's either in a head and shoulders shot on Redeye or seated at the table. Today her legs are hidden by the display table.

So either she's like FDR and putting up a front to trick everyone into thinking she can walk, or her walk is just so damn sexy that camera men can't help themselves and pan down and all you see are hips and legs.

I suppose it's also possible that she just tips a lot, but I'm going to keep on believing it's the second option above.

Toddrod said...

Poor Brett Jones... I've seen Alison's legs before. She wore black pants. She also made a big stink about it on her blog, if my memory serves me. I think she didn't like how she looked because they showed her legs. I dunno why, she looked quite leggy.


Anonymous said...

I am trying desperately to find that yellow bag. I thought that it was a nine west, but can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions or help?

Rbastid said...

No Manbags? It makes me think maybe I shouldn't be walking around with my LV Manbag everytime I go down to the "Foul Pole" on Christopher, for a sports bar those guys sure know fashion.

Next thing ya know your going to tell us that sox and flipflops are so square.