Sunday, July 13, 2008

My mom discussing Tobey's limitations

"He's very brave. He isn't afraid of dogs or people. Just balloons."


Anonymous said...

Quote of the Doggystyle Pictures:

"There are numerous superhero genre flicks out there recently. But common, you all know who the real Batman is......"

------Michael "Don't believe in the Dark knight hypE" Keaton

Toddrod said...

Me too!


Rbastid said...

Awww but can he take the sound of thunder and fireworks or does he start shaking and hiding under chairs?

Joe said...

Tobey must have had a bad experience with a balloon when he was younger. That kind of thing can scar you.

I didn't realize it until now, but when I looked again at the picture you posted on Saturday, it suddenly hit me that Tobey and I have the exact same food and water bowls. I have different chew toys though.

Brett Jones said...

My mother had a small dog while I was growing up. It became very aggressive in a defensive way (growling, barking, nipping and backing away) if you got to close to him with a rubber band.

Maybe it's the smell of the rubber?