Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New one up on Alison and Wendy

You should probably check it out.


Brett Jones said...

Who is Mike and what is he to you???

Hrm, now how do I emote jealousy via text..

At first I thought the thing was a porcupine missing it's quills, but this thing has a pretty long tail, so I'm not positive.

Rbastid said...

Its Horseshoe crabs living in the Statue of Liberty, the only animals that can live without blood.

I thought the back of that thing looked like a frozen chicken, or like everyone else I know from LI.

Brett Jones said...

It has happened. The three hundredth member has joined "A Rosen by any other name". Congrats AMR.

Joe said...

RosenFan #300 is 28 year old Danny Sherwood from Wellsville, NY!


Joe said...

Clayton Morris from Fox & Friends Weekend is on Red Eye tonight. I'm willing to bet 25 cents that at some point he'll pull out his cell phone and pretend to talk on it.

Brett Jones said...

Close call Joe.

No phone but he did pull out some ear buds. Put a red wig on his head call him Carrot Top, the man needs his props.