Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the way apartment hunting takes over your life and invades your thoughts

I was in the other room and the TV was on and I heard "A new study says New Yorkers are number one in the country when it comes to being evicted by email." I thought: "Evicted by email?? Is that even legal?"

But then I realized they said "addicted to" email.

Incidentally, even though I saw two shoeboxes yesterday I was feeling pretty excited about the prospect of creating a new home for me and my imaginary dog but today I'm feeling pretty pessimistic about it. You know, in case you were wondering.


Ted from Accounting said...

Cheer up! Everything always works out for you! Since following the trials and tribulations of AMR, I've noticed that good things just seem to happen to you!

Maybe because you are lucky enough to have me as a blogger and I rub off sometimes...I'm not sure but I am confident your apartment hunting will be successful!

Joe said...

You should move in with Gunnar. I hear he has a loft in that shoebox.

He might be a scary roomie though - from what I can see he's all hands.

Rbastid said...

Have you thought about just drawing up your dream appartment and then going out to search for a Genie? It might be easier to wish for an appartment.

While your at it draw up some cool dog for yourself, or just a platapus.

Toddrod said...

Hey Alison. I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and I just realized that you are trying to tell us that you are moving OUT of Manhattan? Am I reading that right? What happened to your apartment that you share with your sister and the plants? Why do you feel like you need to leave there? What about all that work it took to get your air conditioner installed? Just be honest. Is your sister kicking you out because of the plant names??


Brett Jones said...

Really Ted. I just don't see how you rubbing one off is good luck to AMR. Even if it was good luck, I'm not sure I'd want you spreading it around.

Brett Jones said...

Unlike Ted, and regardless of the amount of rubbing, I think I'm just normal in my level of luck. With the good comes the bad and I've had a pretty good run lately, so I'm due for a little tweak soon. Maybe it'll be a huge kick in the sack.

Perhaps AMR will find the place of her dreams in Merrick on Long Island or somewhere really close. This would suck for me because I was just in Merrick and the thought of missing an opportunity to see her on the sidewalk and fawn over her by a few months just kills me.