Wednesday, July 30, 2008

open mouth, insert words

Greetings lovelies. This is where I eat my words because I've long held that people who live in the outer boroughs and who are smug about it, carrying on with their room to breathe and look at all the trees and it's great because you can go into the city and then leave the city behind and I know all the shop owners and look, I have a bike and a garden and a real eat-in kitchen and I pay a fraction of what you pay and it's not for everyone, I DARE you to do it, you couldn't HANDLE the gorgeous sidewalks, are annoying, and yet I think I'm going to become one.

So tell me: how do I feel about Woodside? Rego Park? Prospect Heights?

I'll probably actually end up Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens or Astoria, but I'm seeing these listings in other places and just wondering how I feel about them.


Rbastid said...

I always felt like this by living in Jersey City, its like I get to live in NYC but I have a shopright and a mall by me.

You'll soon get use to hearing birds chirp and knowing who lives next to you. Also theres the yuppies.

Joe said...

That's the longest darn sentance I've read in the past month, Miss R, but it's perfectly punctuated and for that I salute you! Mrs. Ryan (my 10th grade English teacher) would use you as her model. She used to make us diagram sentences, to my complete frustration.

I assume all those places are just a few subway stops from mid-town. Since you work at home a lot, it sounds perfect. And if there's ever another blackout in NYC, you might be one of the thousands of people we see walking over the bridges trying to get home.

Were you living in NYC during the last blackout? I think that was in 2003. You should blog about that sometime if you had an interesting experience.

Ted from Accounting said...

I wish the list consisted of Southern California beach cities instead! :(

Something tells me that fan luncheon is going to be in an upper-scale Manhattan bistro...I just sense it!

With absolutely no knowledge of NY, I'm going to suggest Prospect just SOUNDS better than the rest!