Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear Broker

I sent you an email that said "Hi, I'm writing about an apartment I saw listed with the ID#.... Is the apartment a walk-up and if so, what floor is it on?"

You wrote back and said "Yes, it's still available and it's a top floor walk up. When are you able to see it?"

I wrote back and said "How many flights up is it?"

You said "It's on the top floor of a walk-up."

I wrote back and said "How many floors are in the building?"

You wrote back and told me, finally, which was disappointing because I was hoping we could exchange about sixteen million more emails where I ask the same question in slightly different ways.


Ted from Accounting said...

Remember that documentary "Pumping Iron?" I'm sure you missed that one! It was about body builders with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.

I'm telling you...avoid the stairs! You will develop Ferrigno sized thigh muscles!

I just can't have my Internet GF have bigger thigh muscles than me! Oh God, I'm just kidding...but 9 out of 10 doctors recommend avoiding stairs while intoxicated! What is up with the 1 doctor right? Not sure...

Anonymous said...

Quote of the repetitive apartment questions:

"I hope you get that apartment you really wanted. I'm sure you deserve it. Make sure you go there via bicycle, I'll be standing along the route as you go by just to check on you...."

----POlice OfficEr

I prefered this link over Youtube because last time I checked no negative comments were hurled at me......:)

Joe said...

That's funny - I bet the building had something like 185 floors because he obviously didn't want to tell you. But hey, it's a penthouse!

I was looking at the Page Six web site last night and was fascinated by the second picture down in the middle under the heading "Fashion and Beauty" (here's a link:

It appears the two women are floating several inches off the ground. I tried to figure out how they did this and came up with several theories.

1. Page Six has invented an anti-gravity machine.

2. These are not real women - they're balloons filled with helium so they will float.

3. The women are suspended by wires like marionettes and the wires are Photoshopped out.

4. Page Six rented one of those aircraft that flys parabolic flight paths to achieve 30 seconds of weightlessness.

5. The women are actually standing on their heads and Page Six rotated the picture 180 degrees.

6. The women jumped off a 10 foot platform and the picture was taken just before they hit the ground.

7. The photographer told the women to "Jump!" and then took the picture.

I know #7 is the most likely answer, but for some odd reason I desperately want to believe it's #3.

Today I will spend some time attempting to explain crop circles.