Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anyone remember Jennifer Aniston in Camp Cucamonga?

Does anyone remember TV movie Camp Cucamonga? It was one of those TV movies that starred all the young actors on network shows at the time it was slapped together. I remember another one about a prom and another one about a driving school. Anyway, I was looking up License to Drive for legitimate work reasons and then I started thinking about Camp Cucamonga and then I stumbled on this clip which shows behind the scenes footage from the movie. It's sort of interesting because it shows Aniston way before she was famous (I think she was on Molloy around this time) and also because someone is brushing out Brian Robbins fearsome mullet near the end. I think that's my favorite part.


Grant Friedman said...

The filming of a movie seems annoying to me. Anyone agree?

Joe said...

Someone on the Activity Pit posted a discussion called "TV theme songs that make you hot" recently. The discussion ended up being about old shows in general and not just hot theme songs. Anyway, for some unknown reason my first thought was about a woman I used to work with who loved the show Square Pegs growing up. The show had a very distinctive theme.

It starred a very young Sarah Jessica Parker (and another girl I don't think anyone ever heard of again). I doubt anyone at the time would have thought SJP would end up being so successful.

Ted from Accounting said...

I think I might have been off fighting in a war during this time frame! Another one of my missed youth moments I guess! :(

I really like Jennifer Aniston in romantic comedies but didn't care for the Friends series. Interesting clip, I'd love to see what the behind the scenes at Red Eye looks like! Maybe you could do a special segment on that while they are filming one!

ShamrockRepublic said...

License to Drive was on HBO a couple of weeks ago and I watched the whole thing. An enthralling tale about early years of freedom and denying your pregnant mother a conveyance if I ever saw one. Impossible to imagine the two Corey's career didn't leave orbit after that one.

Aniston used to annoy me. After recognizing her in the towering cinematic adventure that was Leprechaun, her talent is completely apparent. Not just because she was working opposite a dwarf more heavily made up than Barbara Walters on a trip to the Senate house. Then she dropped Pitt for Vaughn, giving us average Joe's hope.

Toddrod said...

Ted! That is an awesome idea. I'd LOVE to see Alison do a behind the scenes report of Red Eye. Showing how Greg and company prepare for the show, and have her show it on her VLOG. That is totally awesome!


Ted from Accounting said...

Well, I'm just the idea man! Todd, you fertilized and watered the idea and now I can see it in all it's natural beauty!

Ro Ro, you have your marching orders...1 behind the scenes look please! That is if you think you could pull it off!