Monday, July 28, 2008


I have some very important news to share with you: I have hiccups. I'm realizing now that I haven't had them in at least a year if not more which is weird but I guess you never really sit around thinking about your hiccup dry spell until you get a violent case of them, and that's what I have now. Like the kind that make you lift out of your chair a little. The kind where you have to catch your breath in between. It's like I'm in labor... with hiccups!

UPDATE! The hiccups went away and then came back. In fact I took a sip of coffee and then hiccuped and the coffee flew out of my mouth and splattered on my desk and shirt. It was kind of awesome.


Rbastid said...

Did ya try the take a sip of something, put your head back and try swallowing? Thats the only thing that works for me, that or setting my hand on fire, you'd be amazed at how much your body stops doing when your in that much pain.

Joe said...

"...and the coffee flew out of my mouth and splattered on my desk and shirt."

No pictures???

Ted from Accounting said...

In the event you are suddenly attacked by the hiccups again...I looked up hiccup home remedies...

1. Try to forget about them
2. drink water in an unorthodox manner.
3. Change your breathing pattern.

The guy who graduates last in medical school is still called doctor...I'm sure he created this list! :)

RobertInKY said...

Have you ever gotten hiccups so violent you actually suck air into your stomach thus creating burp ups? Yes, it happens to me, I then begin burping and laughing uncontrollably.