Thursday, July 03, 2008

Breaking Joe Francis update!

I just got an email from my high school friend Trevor (of the doublequarce, nince, dince) and he read this and says:

I don't remember him at all. According to Wikipedia, he was born in
1973 making him older than us. Also according to wikipedia:

Francis grew up in Laguna Beach, California, USA.[3] [...]

Francis attended and was expelled from Our Lady Queen of Angels
Catholic School among others.[2] He graduated from the University of
Southern California in 1995 with a degree in Business Administration.
He also completed USC's Entrepreneur Program.[4]

This makes me doubt the veracity of your memory. In any case, say hi
to your parents!

Now apparently Joe was only in our Spanish class (which had a mix of grades and also I was advanced in Spanish) for a little while and then he transferred to Laguna so it's possible everyone's right. I think probably I just wasn't in that particular Spanish class.

Note: I kind of can't believe I'm spending this much time figuring this out when a) I really don't care b) I have other things I should be doing and c) there are other more interesting people that went to that high school if I'm really going to waste time talking about high school d) I mean, I should take a shower, that's how much there are other things I should be doing e) the guy who wrote You, Me and Dupree went to CDM I just found out f) also, Lars from Metallica g) and McG who produced The OC and a bunch of other stuff h) do you think it's weird that I still have to say the alphabet in my head sometimes to figure out what comes next? i) you do? thanks for the support! j) maybe I should just have a rule like I always take a shower right when I get up k) except that doesn't factor in going to the gym l) freelancing makes you weird! m) Swingtown is on tonight. I'm pretty excited n) but not as excited as I'd be if it were Sunday and Next Food Network Star was on! o) it's my favorite.

Guess I have no choice but to do Jello shots and put on calypso music. (That's how you summon Joe Francis.)


Rbastid said...

Can we also have a breaking Doggy Update? Today is one of those last day before a long weekend days and an overdose of Rosen should make things easier.

Also we in the business would say you were Roofed not Roofied, but thats just us.

Trevor said...

I like that I'm now referenced in your blog twice. I'm shooting for doublequarce. (You forgot to mention the regional American v. French pronunciation of doublequarce.)

Ted from Accounting said...

I don't care for that guy!

Ted from Accounting said...

Oh, the only thing my high school produced was a well known mistress for a U.S. Congressman. LOL

Grant Friedman said...

My girlfriend says she went to high school with the guy who won the Bachelorette tonight. So there...