Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My parents are in town

and look who they brought!


Brett Jones said...

Vlog with your whole family. It'd be fun to see them all in action. All of that AMR awesomeness had to have come from some funny people.

How about letting us ask your mom and dad questions about you?

How about: What's the most embarrassing thing that happened to young Alison? Something that still makes her blush.

Have fun with your folks.

Joe said...

Wow, they got Tobey on a plane? Pretty good. His head is on a little crooked though - did that happen going through security?

I agree with Brett - it would be great to hear about Alison, the Early Years. :o)

Have a great time visiting!!

Rbastid said...

Awww don't ya just love when they give you that "WTF are you doing?" look with the turned head?

I'm with Brett, Vlog with your family, lets see where you get your funnies from.

Ok my word verification word is actually yckurin, really Yuck Urin? What kind of freaky blog are you running here?

Rbastid said...

PS, also had a really odd dream where you were the person cutting my hair in NYC and I tried to tip you with a $20 bill but on Bill had George Bush on it and another had Donny Osmond on it. Any plans on getting into the old flea trade?

Don Allen said...

Damn that dog's cute! I just finished moving and got my internet back's good to read your blog again, Alison.

I guess this is technically spam, but I'm trying to get my first ever job on a real-life show in Hollywood as a writer, and I'm currently involved in a video competition and need people to vote for me. To vote, go to and leave a comment under my video in the blog on the right.

The show's being sponsored by MySpace, which is owned by News Corp., which owns Fox News and Red Eye, so maybe my dream will come true and I could get on Red Eye at some point to promote it!

Haha...wishful thinking?

If this blog gets approved, THANK YOU ALISON! You're beyond awesome! If not, you're still beyond awesome, and damned gorgeous to boot!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the doggy style picture:

" That's a very good looking pup. Can I have it for just one day to be in my new music video entitled "Bitch Means Fine Woman in My World" ?"

-------- Snoop Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Dogg Doggy Diggidy dagiddy Doggy DRdoogiehowserisgayandimeangayasinreallyhappy Dog

Toddrod said...

Every time I see the picture of that dog, I think to myself that Alison must sound hilarious when she talks to the dog. She definitely uses some special high pitched falsetto voice to get the dog's attention. Maybe, she should Vlog us to show us how she talks to the dog.


Ted from Accounting said...

Tell, mom and dad I said hello!