Thursday, July 03, 2008

Freelancing Makes You Weird

Freelancing makes you weird but it also makes you forgetful! Do people who work in offices actually work tomorrow? I can't remember! What if I need to go to the post office? I don't, but just saying what if I did? Or what if I needed to visit my money at the bank like in Mary Poppins? What if I need to do some offshore drilling? (before you judge, it's a great workout!)

And by the way, "Freelancing Makes You Weird," is the title of my new imaginary one-woman show. I think I'll have a parrot in this show. I'm not quite sure why yet, but it just feels right. Don't make me explain my artistic choices.

Okay fine, I'm not quite sure what I'm referring to in Mary Poppins either. Don't they go to the bank at the end? Shortly before flying a kite?

Next you'll tell me we can't even fly kites tomorrow. This is most certainly not what our forefathers wanted.


Rbastid said...

You should know by now that the act of flying a kite on the fouth of July should only be done if said Kite has a Key hanging from it. Or a potato, either or is good.

Joe said...

The only person working tomorrow will be Joe Francis. The Wynn Casino in Las Vegas sued him yesterday saying he owes them $2 million.

Can you imagine filing a lawsuit just because someone owes you $2 million? It's hardly seems worth the effort. And I'm sure Joe is good for it. As long as there are young girls willing to take off their clothes for a GGW T-shirt (and who wouldn't??), he'll be swimming in cash.

By the way, Alison, has he called you for that personal reference yet? Please say good things about me. I'm really hoping for that Wardrobe Assistant position!

Ted from Accounting said...

Quote from Howard Hughes' handlers before he went senile..."your not weird, your just becoming more unique!"

Lord Melchior said...

I read the title as "Freebasing Makes You Weird". Which makes a lot more sense than the actual title.

Grant Friedman said...

"Freelancing Makes You Poor" seems more appropriate.