Thursday, July 03, 2008

If I drew cartoons for the New Yorker

If I drew cartoons for The New Yorker and I was doing one around the time MAD magazine launched (or in its heyday) I would do one of a mouse made to look like ALfred E. Newman and it would say "What, me scurry?" If this also happened to coincide with a particularly bad rodent problem in the city, that would be ideal.


Brett Jones said...

Are these little gems in the forefront of your mind, or do they just pop into your consciousness?

What's casual diner conversation like with you?

MJ said...

While we're not on the subject of Red Eye, I wanted to re-bring up how they treat you compared with other guests.

It seems like when I first started watching, late last year, u were on a lot and had great chemistry with Greg.

Fast-forward to now, it seems like Greg interupts you alot and is rude when he *actually* disagrees with you, not the fake disagreeing that often occurs on the show. Am I right? Or am more like a mother proud and defensive of her young?

Toddrod said...

If I drew a cartoon, I would draw a cartoon of men and women trying to meet in a bar. However, I would only draw the unattractive people who seemed to have problems, even at closing time.

Joe said...

Alison, you should do a segment on Red Eye entitled "Name That 'Toon".

Remember last year when rats overran a KFC/Taco Bell in NYC and it was on all the morning news programs? That would have been the perfect time for your Alfred E. Neuman cartoon.

If you want to start off your Independence Day right, here's one of those news reports:

One time on Seinfeld Elaine drew a cartoon showing a pig at a store's complaint department and the pig said, "I wish I was taller".

Jerry said a better line would be, "I can't find the receipt - my place is a sty."

Finally, Kramer writes down his caption, "My wife is a slut."

Happy July 4th!!!

Ted from Accounting said...

Oh go draw some darn cartoons already!