Sunday, July 06, 2008

sort of musty, with magnetic photo pages

Why oh why is there no service where you can call up your DVR box and tell it what to record? Because I'm at the hotel where my parents are staying (Tobey is curled up near the TV) and they don't get the Food Network here and Next Food Network Star is on tonight and I CANNOT MISS IT! And yet, I must. My sister is sitting near me using her boyfriend's computer (we're IMing eachother) and it smells like an old photo album. Okay, we're not actually IMing eachother. We're both doing work, except right now I'm lamenting the TV show which does not technically fall under the umbrella of "doing work." But back to the fragrant computer. First of all, she claims it's not the computer which smells like old photo albums but she is wrong wrong wrong because once she opened that thing I got a strong whiff of the seventies which is what I associate that smell with, since inside the particular stinky albums I'm thinking of are photos from the seventies.

Now about the TV show which it seems I'm going to be missing. Is anyone else watching this show? I'm in love with it. It often makes me cry, which is kind of embarrassing. I mean not an embarrassing kind of blubbering pee from my eyes type of weeping, more just a moistening at the corners. I think maybe once my nose ran. It's just that these peoples sad dreams are laid bare and for the most part they're all likable and trying hard and there aren't any villains. Crap, now I must go help my sister with an issue pertaining to her old photo album. Just know that whatever I was about to say was going to be brilliant.


cowvis said...

You could always set the dvr to record it at 1 Monday morning.

Jim P

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Telivison Hungry:

"If you can't bring your digital recorder with you, why not just buy a Nintendo handheld and be the first ever traveling rockstar..."

---Super "Don't buy the guitar hero for the DS I'm warning you" Mario

Brett Jones said...

For some reason I've felt like something was missing in my life this weekend, from just before 5:30 on the 3rd and a few minutes after 7:30 tonight there was an uncomfortable, unpleasant emptiness.

Surely you can setup the DVR to record the show or at least the time and channel.

I have this smell/datestamp thing with record albums. Same time period, mid-late 70's. There was lots of Elvis in my house growing up.

I hope you've had a great weekend with your family.

perfect just like mommy said...

I know you haven't been a Blog of Note yet, which is a crime because you're so damn funny, but I found you from Wendy's blog, which was a Blog of Note, so you're practically a Blog of Note-in-law, and that's pretty good, right?

Anyway, if your DVR is with Directv (like mine), you can set recordings online, and it'll tell your DVR to record something.


Joe said...

The fact that your sister's boyfriend's computer is a TRS-80 might be a clue as to the smell.

I'm not saying it's old, but the model the stores sold before that was called an abacus.

I could never could get the hang of using an abacus though. I preferred Chisanbop.

Rbastid said...

Lilly there got to ya before me, but ya Direct TV offers a service where you can set your DVR through your computer, they've said you can do it with a cell phone too but I never tried. You should ask uncle Rupert to hook you up next time your on Fox, tell him you need a big dish dangling off your house.

Ted from Accounting said...

That is funny Joe! I had a TRS-80 when I was a kid...not that I'm old or anything! That was a damn fine machine if you liked green text on a black background.

I've never watched the food channel but I made some money on the Griffin vs Jackson fight this weekend! I'm sure those are comparable experiences. :)

Grant Friedman said...

There's a service called slingbox that would allow you to do that.

Keeva said...

You can do just that if you have DirecTV. I just set it to record Semi-Homemade.

Kind of makes you glad you lived this long.