Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well look who made a little vlog! (hint: it's me!)


Brett said...

Well, the video is a nice addition.

It makes it so much easier for me to pretend we're friends. I've seen your room, met your plants, noticed you have really nice full pillows. *Sigh* I feel so close to you now.

No really, the video is a fun thing, Make more, even while clad in PJ's.

Anonymous said...

Those web cam thing-ies can be very unflattering but you look great. I saw no crow's feet. Looking forward to RedEye.
-Chris M

Toddrod said...

What?!? How can I make a vlog? It looks really fun, but I don't want anyone else to see. Well, Ted, Joe, Brett and these other guys here can see, but I don't want weird people looking at me!


Joe said...

Alison's bedroom - the final frontier...

That's awesome!! Great video! I don't see any crows feet either, so I think you're making that up. You gotta do one in PJs though. You'll drive us all crazy.

My internet was on and off all day yesterday and finally about 5:30 I'd had enough and just shut everything down. So... I didn't know you were on Red Eye until I watched the show this morning. At first I thought it was a rerun. What a pleasant surprise! You looked GREAT as always!

I was still half-asleep watching the show, so I need to watch it again. I thought Greg's "pop culture know-it-all" line was funny. Maybe you should use that as your intro, kind of like Jonathan Hoenig is known as the "Capitalist Pig" (should be "Monkey-Boy"). It could be the title of your book too, "Confessions of a Pop Culture Know-It-All".

You haven't mentioned Fred in a long time, so it's good to see he's doing well.

OK, gotta go and return some messages. Hopefully the internet will decide to work here today.

Ted from Accounting said...

No, the local drag queen does where more makeup...I'm sure of it! I almost didn't know what to type in regards to the VLOG but I'll just borrow some of Harvey's words, "I enjoyed you!" See you could totally pull off a PalTak and I promise, I would talk on it with my radio voice.

You should make a post for us bloggers to ask a question and then answer them in a VLOG...that would be cool!

Anyway, you were SUPERB on Red Eye! I was going to say something negative about someone on the show...I'm sure everyone can guess who...but I'm turning over a new leaf, only positive posts from now on! I have to realize that not everyone is perfect like me! :)

Hey can you really shoot bullets out of the air? You are one bad ass chica!

AMR's VLOG = Awesome!

Rbastid said...

Nice little morning video to make me not hate work so much today, or the fact getting on the subway was like a sweat bath.

Much like Brett I think i can now introduce you to my parents, my boss, my stuffed animal collec.....umm yeah theres no collections, who said that?

I never have luck with webcams, like you mentioned, where the light above me makes it look like I haven't slept in a month, maybe a tan can help me or a mask.

Hope to see ya branch out more into Vlogs, maybe a kitchen one next time or from your rooftop.

yami said...

wow! i love the vlog and i want to vlog you back...that sounds kinda dirty.