Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'll be on red eye tonight

Just got finished shooting a bunch of stuff for the biography channel and now I'm on my way to red eye in car number 69. Good thing I'm too mature to point that out. (Or to poing out that this is the second time I've gotten this number. That's a missed joke quantity of 138). Anyway, clearly I'm very important. I guess that's all I have to say.

Oh and this is very last minute, this red eye, or else I'd have sent out homemade jam with little cards attached announcing this appearance. (As per my usual.) What's that? You aren't on the jam mail list? How sad! How can you preserve the appearances? Get it? (Off to shoot myself now)
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Shadow said...

Red Eye isn't nearly as fun without you!

Ted from Accounting said...

Okay, so like I was having a crappy day and was a bit stressed out...I know, everyone is like...hey wait that is Ted B. Goodlove and how could he have a bad day right? Well, on rare occasion it does (I'm not sure how) happen. Anyway, just like that an email comes in and instantly wipes away the issue...then a network computer issue I've been having instantly gets solved...then I find out AMR is on RE...then I see the coolest thing ever on this blog....that would be the VLOG post...It is like my whole freakin day turned around in an instant! It is good to be me!

Kick ass AMR!

Toddrod said...

poing poing poing poing poing poing poing poing poing poing poing poing