Monday, June 30, 2008

Running too late to figure this out

If anyone can record the radio show tonight, that would be super awesome. (And let me know if you do.)


Brett Jones said...

Alison, if playful texting is what people do before coitus, what is a playful innuendo fill blog commenting?

Brett Jones said...

That there was some sloppy comment'n. I have an unnecessary "a" and I'm missing the "ed" in filled.

This is the kind of stuff that happened to me when I was single and I'd try to be all smooth while introducing myself to a pretty girl. I'd stumble over my words and then a little spit fly out and hit the her on the forehead. It was a painful thing to watch.

By the way I made an attempt at recording the show but the software got the best of me.

It was a fun show.