Monday, June 30, 2008

Catch me on Sirius radio tonight

I'll be on the DeVore & Diana show on Maxim Sirius Radio (channel 108) tonight in the 9pm hour. What's that you say? You don't have Sirius? (I briefly debated posting a picture right here of forgotten Australian comedian R. U. Sirious to indicate my state of incredulity but decided against it.) You can sign up for a three day trial.

Wait a minute. I just did some research on R.U. Sirious and that's not who I mean. R.U. did a bunch of stuff including apparently edited Axcess magazine which I used to write for. I mean Yahoo Serious! For a second I thought I'd invented this carrot toppy person out of thin air which would be both impressive and alarming. But he exists. Look, here he is playing violin in a bucket!

Anyway, tune in tonight. And check out Diana Falzone's cool viral video, linked to by Comedy Central.


Brett Jones said...

Sold on the three day trial. I hope you get a kick back.


Rbastid said...

Quick catch on the misnaming, thought I was gonna have to correct and/or scold you, but now just praise, kinda, is sayin that little good job thing back at the start praise? Well then, uhh good job.

Atleast I found how to get interwebs at work again, so I can comment on your thoughts, finish love letters to Sean Hannity and finally win that kidney I need on ebay (I'll have 17 in total) all while getting paid.

PS. I thought they'd atleast change it from Ron Paul's name for the joke, pft.