Sunday, June 29, 2008

next time, try flattery

As a rule I don't really believe in re-posting emails I get however every now and then one arrives in my inbox that is so charming it demands public airing.

UPDATE: I took the email down. I didn't feel right about posting an email someone had taken the time to send me, even if had some sparkling backhanded gems in it.


Toddrod said...

Well, he/she is right. Greg and the gang sometimes treat you kinda poopy. They don't seem to treat you like a sexual object like many of their other female guests. I can only guess it is because they don't wanna upset the girl with the California accent.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the Stalking Letter:

"That letter was sent by me btw....."

-----Normon "Mommy's Boy" Bates

Joe said...

I suppose some people were born to be sweet-talkers. Unfortunately I have to work at it.

Todd - they treat everybody poopy on Red Eye. That's part of their schtick. But they're equal opportunity poopers, so to speak. I don't think they treat Alison any worser than most other guests.

So I'm watching more olympics trials right now - swimming this time. I can't figure out why the men are wearing these long trunks. They go from the waist to mid-calf. I thought the whole point was to wear as little as possible. Actually, I now see the women are wearing calf-length suits too. Theirs are more ankle-length though. The suits look weird.

Four years ago when I last watched a swimming competition, I'm sure they didn't have these swimmming pants things. So what's the deal? Is their leg hair slowing them down so much that wearing pants will improve their time? I want to understand.

Brett said...

How in the world do random people get your email address?

Toddrod said...

Joe, you are right. I think the only one that gets any respect on Red Eye is Gunnar.


Rbastid said...

Wow this guy is like a Picaso with words, my emails normally just consist of "Me, You, Hump Party"

Those never work out though and me, Hunch Back Joey and my camel sit at home watching sex in the city.

Joe said...

Happy Monday!

I found a must see video this morning:

It's by Matt Harding, a Seattle man who has spent the last few years dancing his way around the world, and making videos.

In his latest video, which apparently took 14 months to make, Matt invited locals to join him. And it's absolutely amazing.

Brett Jones said...


That was the coolest video I've seen in a while. I even felt a little emotion well up inside of me.


Ted from Accounting said...

Looks like I missed some drama on the blog! Did the email say you were unfairly treated on RE? Although, I don't watch the show any more, I always thought they treated you really well...and they should considering your mere presence on the show boosts ratings!