Sunday, June 29, 2008

Uh-oh, I have the puns

If I drew cartoons for The New Yorker, not only would I do these, but I would draw one of a hunk of chedder telling an obscene joke and the caption would be "Blue Cheese." I can't decide whether it should be a very animated wheel of cheese or if it should be a hunk of cheese dressed up like Andrew Dice Clay standing on a stage in front of a brick wall doing dirty standup. As if the cheese is working blue.

I guess I'll leave that up to the cartoonists.

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Ted from Accounting said...

I pictured this in my mind while reading and saw the humor...normally, I have to think about some of these and then I get it...but this time I just got it! Your humor is either growing on me or I'm developing my visual humor abilities!