Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I kind of love radio

I mean, not that I would ever give up being on TV–it wouldn't be fair to keep the light that is my achingly beautiful face under a bushel–but it's good to know that if I ever get mauled by a bear or even just suffer really bad acne, I would be pretty content to while away the hours on the airwaves as I did tonight on DeVore & Diana on Maxim Sirius Radio. Well, I whiled away one hour, but it was a special hour. For you, I mean.

I told Diana Falzone's cohost John DeVore that I'm in love with the "Five Signs" lists he wrote for Stuff magazine. They still crack me up like nothing else. Well, maybe not like nothing else, but I think they're hilarious.


Ted from Accounting said...

Cool! I really liked your old radio clips with Showalter and Black! You actually have a great radio voice!

I have XM radio in my vehicles...does anyone know if Maxim is on that network?

Anonymous said...

Quote of the radiohead:

"SInce you like the airWaves Recently, When Will you ever come to my show Alison ?"

----Don " Bird Nose Cowboy" Imus

Joe said...

I listened to about 20 minutes and then got trapped on the phone. Sounded like you were having fun.

The next time you see John, tell him one of your fans (me) has used an electric razor all his life. It's so much more convenient and faster than using a traditional razor. I just bought a new one, but I had the previous one for over 10 years. And these days the electric ones shave virtually as close as the old style. Tell him to move out of the 19th century!

BTW, do you think they have enough Maxim mags in the studio there? I suppose if a caller asks about an article from February 2001, they need to be able to find it :o)

Brett Jones said...

I've been reading the "Five Signs" off and on all day. The best one so far are the Five Signs Spaghetti makes you horny.


Toddrod said...

I really love the first picture of you from the side. I've never seen a picture of you from any direction except from the front. You look so young! You also have great facial structure. It seemed like you had great facial structure from straight ahead, but one cannot know for sure without a side shot. You have a great face Alison!