Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Michael Ian Black is hilarious

Michael Ian Black is hilarious and I say that as someone who totally knows him and by that I mean we exchanged a couple emails and he told me to ask David Schwimmer why he, Schwimmer, who directed MIB's movie Run, Fatboy, Run is "such a fag." He probably didn't want me to repeat that though, that's how close we are. He says things to me in emails that he doesn't want me to repeat. And here I am, just going on and on and on about our private correspondence.

But it's not just the long letters he sends me which are private and very long and handwritten in Lucida Grande 10 pt. Our relationship is more than just epistolary. Once we talked on the phone... on the radio! The radio you get on your computer! Michael Showalter was also there but he was actually there in person, and I was sitting on his lap. It was like a very competitive game of musical chairs that only I was playing.

Anyway, Michael Ian Black wrote this, and it's funny. That's what all the above exposition was leading up to.

And yes I do think I'm better than you because I use big words.

And the way I misspell them? I find that refreshing and encourage you to do the same.

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Rbastid said...

Theres something about the whole State crew that just puts them at the top of all hilarity. (it could be that their funny, but not sure)

When I interned last year I got to work on the DVDs they had for the State and the stuff they screwed up was great, too bad the best joke can't be on the DVD because it was Ben Garant's pirate calling Ken Marino's clown a rapist, but MTV wants the DVDs to be PG-13ish.

I also got to go to David Wain's house, which was cool, now I can show up there drunk crying for "The Jew".

In Sept they are having a reunion here in NYC for their DVD release, I think you'd make a great New Member Alison.