Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hot Seat with David Schwimmer

Click on the image to read it. Or click here.

But wait, after you read that you're probably going to want to look at those photos of me interviewing him at the Apple Store. Do I know you, or do I know you? Look at me, deep-linking!


Anonymous said...

I liked the interview. What's cool about it from my perspective is his answers actually coincide with how he portrayed himself on Conan O'Brien. He was funny but yet stayed within himself. He couldn't be steered into anything. Even when he had to be bleeped, he just kept right on going like nothing ever happened. He's interesting. And you were right, no softball questions. I liked that reference.


Ted from Accounting said...

OMG, your freelancing for TONY again! Now I have to renew my subscription!

I think I'm the only person on the planet that didn't like the show "Friends!" - "Hated it!"

Good interview...

Who would your all time favorite interview be with? Don't say Ted Goodlove...I'm booked!

Joe said...

Ted, I was never a fan of Friends. It seems like women tended to like Friends while guys tended to like Seinfeld. Obviously that's a generalization - the person who got me hooked on Seinfeld was a female co-worker who loved the show. I didn't watch it the first few years it was on.

Good interview though Alison. I enjoyed you.

Okay wait... stay with me here... I think the snow and ice here are finally starting to melt. I can actually see some blades of grass on the ground in places. They're dried up and dead, but nonetheless ---- it's grass!

Pow said...

Very good interview. The fact that he winced when Friends was mentioned is not surpirising. So many actors spend years looking for a job, some never getting one. Then so many spend years trying to get away from a role. Ned Beatty has been in probably 100 movies. Everyone knows him as the "squeal like a pig" guy in Deliverance. Being remembered for Ross isn't so bad compared to that.
He seems like a decent guy though. I hope his movie does well. I do want to see it. I like Pegg's work in other movies so I'll catch it.