Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Adorable Tobey, less adorable green cabinets


Scott Wheeler said...

What a cute dog. It reminds me of a dog my friend had when I was a young boy. Thanks for the memories.

Pow said...

Ever since the first pics of Tobey I've thought, There's a cute dog. And usually I like a bigger dog. Just something about him. I do like him better without the bow he had.
I would say "awww" but unless I use the quotes, I could lose my job. It's in the union contract.
I didn't even notice the cabinets.

Anonymous said...

My mom loves that dog! Is it named after Tobey Mcguire?


Anonymous said...

Quote of the picture :

"I can't really see the white image in the photo clearly. But I'm sure it must be what I sniffed in my nose some years back cause that's exactly how it vaguely looks ."

------GOV.Dave "Jus Give the brother a peak c'mon jus a peak" Patterson

Anonymous said...

Another quote of the picture:

"Did I spell peek wrong ? Well it's just testimony to who I am."

---Gov. "U CAN"T SEE ME" Patterson

Joe said...

Tobey is so cute. He's saying, "Put down the stupid camera and get my dinner NOW."

I was just watching a Delta video that's become a hit on YouTube. The woman in the video, Kathleen Lee - aka "Deltalina", is a real flight attendent and was on some of the morning shows yesterday.

The video will start playing on Delta flights soon. It's kind of fun to watch. Here's the link:

Several of the YouTube comments are about her finger wagging. OK, I admit I watched that part a couple of times myself. And don't miss the little tooth twinkle at 4:00.

Anonymous said...

Always appreciate the Tobey pics and updates. He seems as if he's getting bigger. Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but can we anticipate a Fred update somewhere down the road? I hope he is fulfilling his plantular, did I just say plantular? is that even a word? I'm not even gonna google it. I'm gonna let it ride. As I was saying...nah, I've said enough. Thanks for the lighter side of the news so to speak.


Ted from Accounting said...

Just like you do in your interviews, I'll ask the tough question: Does he still eat his shit?

Tobey Rosen is cute as usual!

alison said...

He hasn't been eating his tobeys lately! Only when he's stressed or upset. Don't we all, though? I think I may have made that detail up, actually. I'll have to confer with my parents.

Ted from Accounting said...

Hmm, I'm certainly no dog expert but I could only imagine being a Rosen is stressful! Poor little guy!

There is always those shock collar things and they could just zap him when he is about to feast! J/K

Pow said...

Okay, I feel bad about mentioning the red bow. He was cute even with that.
And when I had my last dog, my ex g/f was one of those people that used to wrap bandanas around his neck. Not tightly, but I still let it happen. On a dobey? Not a good look.
True story. His name was Heineken. One fateful day he met his match in a beer truck, Miller Beer, but still, quite a foretelling name I gave him. Today I find that story funny.
He aslo ate cat tobeys for some reason when he was a pup. He didn't care much for cats, but that? Couldn't get enough. He grew out of it. They usually do. For some reason I think I may have said that when this came up before. Sorry if I did.

Sweet said...

the family newfie was wont to consume rabbit raisinettes, as well as anything that came out of him that he considered still tasty...plastic bags, taco wrappers, you name it

cute pup, the cabinets are green? couldn't tell :)