Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saget bio

The Bob Saget Biography Channel Bio that I was interviewed for aired. I know this because I received a nice note about it from someone who saw it and then found me on MySpace, which is how I find out that most of the Biography Channel Bios that I was interviewed for are airing. I added a couple air times to the upcoming TV appearance sidebar on the side of this page. I haven't seen it yet, so I don't remember what I said, nor what I wore. Something brilliant, surely. (Something brilliant being what I said. I imagine what I wore was a sweater. I would never use "brilliant" to describe clothes, anyway, unless I was in Britain taking the piss and chatting up mates on my mobile.)

Need more Bob? Or more me? Or more me on Bob? Here's my Hot Seat interview with Bob Saget.


Pow said...

I'm so glad I popped over again. Thank you for posting this. The Hot Seat with Sags (that's what I call him) was one of my personal faves. I always enjoy the both of you. Now on one show? I'm sure it's brilliant! even genius!
And I was thinking I had nothing to do.

Anonymous said...

Well, I missed the opportunity to catch last night's Bio show. But hopefully I'll get a chance to watch it Sunday. I've yet to catch one of your Bio shows, but I hope to this time. I think I just said Bio shows too many times.