Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The interview that won't die

Wendy sent me this. Looks like I'm falling down on my own self-googling or else I surely would have found it myself!


Ted from Accounting said...

I realize my handlers have previously sent question restrictions regarding our upcoming interview, however, I will waive those and you can ask me anything!

I know where the first question is going so I'll just tell pet bat's name is Chico!

Why can't I have a friend like Wendy? She's just so smart!

Joe said...

And you were worried you were only going to be remembered for your Red Eye intros.

That's a riot! I wonder how Mediabistro found that. Probably through Google.

Anonymous said...

Uh... who is Tony, and why is he asking questions while pretending to be Alison Rosen? Am I reading something wrong?


Anonymous said...

OMG... TONY stands for Time Out New York! I swear that sometimes I am as dense as Uranium-235. So embarrassing!

Pow said...

ted, can we look forward to a new TV series, Chico and The Man (ted) Revisited?

I fell down self googling once. I hope it never happens again. I spent a week in the hospital. Had to wear a sling for a couple of weeks. Then ended up in rehab to break my addiction to reruns of Alice and other 70's sitcoms. I still tell people to "Kiss my grits" once in a while. But One Day At A Time, oh crap that's another one I'm not supposed to mention.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I remember that interview. I recall having an emotional outburst over it. That was back in the day for sure.


Joe said...


I was just watching Brit Hume's show, and they were running excerpts from a speech today by Barack Obama. At one point Obama said: "We don't need more Bush!"

My immediate thought was, "Speak for yourself buddy."

Anonymous said...

Your three questions were brilliant.

I would have answered the oral question, "well, I haven't had a boyfriend in a while, but I did visit my cousin last night"

Love & Kisses

Sweet said...

first of all, be careful, I hear self googling makes you go blind and hirsute in heretofore unhirsute places.

secondly, I probably would have said the same thing 'I'm single now, so, it's been a long time, however, if you were to ask me when I did YOUR boyfriend...'