Thursday, March 27, 2008

What about concerns?

I just walked past a guy who was saying "no worries" so many times in the course of his conversation I wanted to stop him and ask if there were any worries.


todd said...

That or say, "Wow man, you're saying that so much it's starting to, um... what's the word I'm looking for.... nevermind."

Crazy people are fun. He wasn't a meerkat or a warthog was he? (think about it)

Joe said...

There's always worries.

It's like the person who keeps saying "trust me" over and over. The next thing you know, things are blowing up all over the place and you're suddenly working tons of overtime to fix whatever it was he wanted you to trust him about. It took me a long time to learn that little lesson.

Tomorrow's Friday folks! YIPPEEEE!!

Pow said...

I blame Crocodile Dundee!
That was the first place I heard "No worries mate." Ever since then it's everywhere.
Was it Paul Hogan? I haven't seen him anywhere.

Sweet said...

you should have stopped and yelled-- 'global warming! rainforest deforestation! the heartbreak of psoriasis!' there, now you have something to worry about --patted him on the shoulder and walked merrily, or mary tyler moore-ily on your way...tossage of beret optional

Mr. Ricardo said...

I wouldn't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

I never used "no worries," till 2001. I was working for this company, and my Boss always emphasized proper verbage. She always said, "no worries." Before I knew it, everyone I worked with was using, "no worries." Then one day I was walking my dog, and he pooped on a neighbors lawn. I apologized to my neighbor and asked if he had something to dispose of the dog poop. He said, "no worries! It's just a little crap."


Ted from Accounting said...

I actually have a saying I use when I'm explaining things to people....when they start to grasp...I say, "it's just that easy!"

I say it with profoundness and a I'm smart or something...I feel like I say it so often that I probably come across like a pompous jerk! Do I come across that way on here? I hope not!

That guy would have been like "no worries!" and I would have said, "It's just that easy!" and he would be like WTF?

Just useless ramblings from Ted...sorry everyone keep moving, nothing to see here!