Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Thanks to Adam from Apple for the following shots. In this first one, we see David Schwimmer at the Q&A at the Apple Store that I moderated last night. We were talking about the movie he directed, Run, Fatboy, Run:

And here's David Schwimmer talking and me looking like I'm sitting in a wheelchair. I'm not, mind you, but don't I look like I am?

This next one captures David Schwimmer and me, sharing an intimate moment and really connecting as only interviewer and subject can.

And in this next one, we are tiny. (not to scale)

Here's the crowd. See if you can spot my sister!

There was this whirly-bird sounding alarm thing that went off and started pretty quietly (but audibly) while David was talking and then it got louder so I said "sorry about my cell phone." The result? Big laughs. Duh!


Joe said...

Those are awesome! I knew Adam would come through for us.

I think I can see your sister in the 5th picture. And that's pretty amazing since I have absolutely no idea what she looks like.

I can't see your thumbs in any of the photos, Alison. Are you purposely hiding them?

Kimberly said...

Between these images and the infamous "Tiny Alison" on Red Eye's Halftime the other night...I am starting to wonder if you are indeed very, very small! If that's the case, I had no idea they made wheelchairs so small!


Pow said...

Fantastic pictures.
I feel like I'm there, but not. Kind of like my life. "Oh there I am...No, could have sworn that was me."
joe, it's a plot. First it was hiding toe-thumbs, now thumbs. Until ultimately appearing on TV in shadow. Which leads to disappointment for all of us. There must be a reason...

Was I the only one thinking Ross needs to shave? Let the work distance him from the character. All I could think of was the episode with Chandler's moustache. Not helping. I can tell the difference without the beard.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? I've never seen an entire episode of "Friends." It's like New Guinea to me. -hugh