Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How I feel about having woken up with "Send in the Clowns" stuck in my head

Well, let's just say I don't feel good about it.

Interestingly, I learned that this mournful gem (as performed in my head, that's what it is. Like a sad emerald, or a doleful opal, or a dispirited topaz) is from Sondheim's A Little Night Music. I thought it was from some musical about a circus. Is there a musical about a circus? Goodbye And Thanks For All the Rubber Shoes? It's Always The Poodle? Honk is a Four-Letter Word? (that last one could also be a musical about traffic). Carnival?

I thought it was from Carnival, but I was wrong.

Unfortunately now I have that free credit report song in my head because that one sits in there ready to jump in whenever there's a silent moment. It's like mold. Or rust. Or pink eye (a germ which is apparently always around, waiting for a weakness in your immune system).


Rbastid said...

The Jingle, the rap or the cowboyish one?

In my head for the last hour has been the techno/dancish version of Poison by Alice Cooper, but the one with the girl singing.

Ted from Accounting said...

The jingle, "Ted you better get this damn work done before 6:00 PM or you'll be in trouble!" Keeps ringing in my head....Do you know how many lives have probably been lost because I get side tracked and don't work on my life saving projects for third world countries due to my frequent visits and posts on this blog?


I loved Anonymous' last comment...Bye the way, I totally figured out who anonymous is and it's not the gorgeous European swimsuit model that I once thought...close though!

Okay, I'm off to play Superman! Have a great day blog people!

Joe said...

No one should have the free credit report tune playing in their head. That ad is right up there with Shamwow on the annoying scale. There's a special place in hell reserved for those people.

The version of Send in the Clowns I remember is by Judy Collins. I always liked her voice, but she was a little weird. Just a little.

Rbastid said...

Try having this song in your head all weekend, it'll drive ya nuts.

PS. Don't worry about the 18+ thing, theres nothing bad on it, unless maybe if you know spanish there might be.

Brett said...

Consider yourself lucky. I've had Culture Club songs in my head for a week.

Toddrod said...

When I ride my motorcycle on long trips, I often start to sing one song over and over to myself to pass the time on the interstate. Is it a cool song like Unchained by Van Halen? Or perhaps any Iron Maiden songs? No! I usually find myself singing the theme song to "All In The Family." (I sing a mean Archie Bunker)