Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shot from last night's Red Eye


Anonymous said...

Lovely as always. Alison has a terrific smile.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always. You were great last night. I only wish you were getting more air time and in the Legs chair.

Remember, pants aren't allowed in the Legs chair, unless your plugging a stupid book named Bonkers, or Bozo, or whatever it was called, for the third time


Joe said...

I agree - beautiful picture!

RAHUVA, Angela's book was Bamboozled. They only mentioned it 8 hundred million times last night. OK, maybe not quite that many.

Ted from Accounting said...

Yeah! This pic is ok, I guess!

Ted from Accounting said...

and by "Ok" I mean freakin hot!

Mr. Ricardo said...

Love the smile!

Anonymous said...

That is about as good as I've ever seen your hair. You also look a little tan! Am I just seeing things? Do you feel like your hair was perfect and your skin is darker?