Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Red Eye was a blur but I'm pretty sure I meant to say "you besmirched Natalie" and instead said "you besnirched Matalie." Then I tried to correct myself by saying, "I mean, you besnirched Matalie!"


Donny Bohac said...

Should I keep that in mind while watching? I probably won't laugh since you KILLED THE FUNNY BY POSTING ABOUT IT! >:-(

Just kidding, what time do they tape Red Eye? What's show-prep like? Do they just give you print-outs of all the stories for the day then determine who speaks when? I'm always surprised at how smoothly things seem to run...well, you know, considering...

Anonymous said...

Quote of the blurry vision:

"hey Alison, you know what else is vague ? The last 2 invisible posts I send to this blog previously. Sure was hell funny cause they're invisible and nobody can see them...."


Anonymous said...

One of these mornings, you should come into the Activity Pit chat room while you are on Red Eye. People go crazy! They are completely enthralled with every word that you say. It's a sight to behold.


Anonymous said...

You look great on Red Eye right now.

Donny Bohac said...

Wow, you seemed annoyed to no end by Angela McGlowan. I was right there with you. She actually said Bush is a "great president." Christ on a bike, what's wrong with some people?

I think you can add tonight's appearance to your "serious stuff" reel, though. [/silver lining]

Joe said...

Maybe you shouldn't drink before the show???

Just kidding! You were by far the bright spot last night (at least the first half - I didn't watch the second half). You looked great!

I really didn't understand the fuss over Anegla McGlowan's jacket. I like Angela and she DID look good, but it's not like she was wearing something super-revealing.

And then the half-time report turned into a long promotion for her book, which in itself wasn't that bad except the same thing happened the last couple of times she was on.

I realize people come on the show to plug their books, but enough is enough. Even Greg ended up saying "let's move on".

Anyway, at that point I decided to head back to bed.

In other news.. I wish I had enough money to buy this: tinyurl.com/3rxmrh

But even if I did, it would look out of place in my little front yard. And can you imagine the shipping costs?

Anonymous said...

Good show last night. It was fun to watch. As soon as he said what he did about your beloved Facts of Life, I immediately had two thoughts: 1) "You sank my battle-ship." 2) "You just sprayed graffiti on my Eggo©." Aside from all that silliness, it was neat to see you on the show. Today is a good day to be an Alison fan/blogger/commenter/reader. I have sleep-lag right now.

Track of the day:

33) Neva Eva - Trillville.


Anonymous said...

Additional tracks for the day:

.085) Myspace Freak - C-side.

98-23c) I need it in my life - Juvenile.

fafillion) Rose Colored Glasses - John Conlee.


Ted from Accounting said...

WTF! WTF! Ok, if Red Eye was a drug dealer, they would be trying to end my supply of Rosencaine....I'm going through some nasty withdraws and nobody seems to care! Only 1/4 of the show? Just not fair!

Did it take every strength in your body to not throw down on Angela? I can't believe they went to split screen for some stupid political debate with you too! I'm posting my complaint on the AP.

Now if I was running Red Eye...the show would have roll'd this way:

Alison Rosen (Hot Girl Seat)
Mike Baker (Mike Baker Seat)
PAB (PAB Middle)
Julia Alison (Newsroom remote)
Ted Goodlove (Fan Guest Remote)
Shira (In Studio)

There would be no halftime report I'm afraid! This would be titled "Fan Melee #2" - Instead of my earlier melee post with just JA & AR...this time PAB & Shira would join the fight for me as well! It would start with a tug of war contest with each girl pulling on a sleeve of Angela's $20,000 mink coat! Who won the tug? Of course, still the reigning champion of print media, Alison Rosen! Use her mink as a doormat!

Anyhoo, your hair looked great! Like best EVER! You know I don't give frivolous compliments...you looked great! Your camera film comment was hilarious!

Ted's Report:

Alison - A+
Ugly Shaved Head guy - A+ (I forgive the Natalie comment)
Guy with the accent - C
Angela - F
Bill - A
Andy C-
Greg - B+ (Control those guests)

Peace out peeps!

Joe said...

Don't hold back, Ted! Actually, my reaction was a lot like yours. Twenty minutes??? I know Greg wants to keep the show moving, but Alison hadn't been on for quite a while and should have been scheduled for the full hour. She's a big fan favorite, after all.

If you haven't seen it yet, there's an interesting post on the Activity Pit about Angela McGlowan. I already added a comment, so I won't repeat it here.

Ted from Accounting said...

LOL, thanks Joe! Sounds like other Red Eye fans feel the same!

I guess we will just have to wait until the 1st for our next fix! MAYBE they can have her on for 3 min. next time!?!?!? (I love doing that exclamation point / question mark thingy...I learned that expressiveness from an English major by the way!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ted and Joe! After not seeing you on Red Eye for weeks and weeks, you come back only for 15-20 minutes, and then you disappeared like a fart in the wind! I was almost devastated, but I concluded that you were about to go out on a big big date, cuz your hair was perfect, and you were wearing green! Everyone knows that green is the color that entices men's desires in women. This is why green M&Ms are so popular. So Alison, you were basically looking hot and sexy like a green M&M.


P.S. I hope you melted in his mouth, not in his hand (is this creepy?).

Joe said...

If Alison is only on for 3 minutes on May 1, it'll be time to get out the baseball bat!

I liked your post on the AP, Ted. I'm sure Greg read all of those comments too. I'd love to know what he thinks.

Wow - the week is half over already!!