Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wanting to worship me and needing an online place to do it?

I bet you were. Well the awesome people at The Activity Pit made a fan group for me! This is officially my first online fan group! Sure, there's been quite a bit of online chatter about me and yes, I am inundated with emails and comments and okay, perhaps it's hard for me to go outside because I am mobbed by people who just want a piece of me because they think they know me even if they don't—it's just that I have that kind of effect on them—but this is the first online fan group and I don't know what to say except I swear that I had no hand in this. Truly! So for all you people that think I suck it, now YOU can suck it because I have an online fan group and I'm fairly sure that you don't, la la la!

Wait, was that obnoxious? Also, I'd like to thank Jesus Christ and my mom and my agent and my agent's mom and Chad Lowe.

In a word, this experience has been "humbling." Also, it's making me cocky.


Mr. Ricardo said...

Cocky is good. Obnoxious is not such a bad thing. It's the statues and building size portraits that are erected in your honor that cross the line. Other than that, screw the people who think you suck - all two or three of them.

MT said...


I'd hold out for SWALLOW, Luv!!!

Or would that be too "Britney?"


Brett Jones said...

the world would be a better place if people thanked J.C. and Chad Lowe in the same breath. Nascar drivers, NBA stars, all of them. "I'd like to thank Jesus Christ, my lord and savior, Chad Lowe, my mom...."

Anonymous said...

I had to go look up Chad Lowe on Wikepedia... I suck!


Anonymous said...

HEY Alison. I'm also one of those Activity Pit members who are part of your fan group, and it got me to thinking. I comment here sometimes, and I've commented on your Activity Pit page, and heck I'm sure I've made comments to you on some other blog somewhere (my mind is going). I sometimes wonder if I should just consolidate all my comments in once place to make it easier for you. I don't know how you manage keeping all your fans happy. Maybe you will need a personal assistant soon.


Joe said...

Anyone who thinks Alison sucks is worse than Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot combined.

For a long time I've wondered about the secret of Alison's charm. The answer may have been posted yesterday on the Activity Pit:

"...I attended one of her punk band's concerts. Alison, totally in the tradition of "punkers", spit on me twice. I was enamored with her after that, so I saved the spit, keep it in my freezer and Activity Pit members can see it for free."

And there it is. So simple yet so effective.

I wonder how much that little artifact would bring on eBay. Has to be at least as much as the potato chip shaped like the Virgin Mary.

Pow said...

I can think of nobody more deserving of a fan group more than A Rosen. Like it almost said there, everything in one, wonderful, wounderous person.

Possible name change for the group, If You Don't Like Alison, You Suck! I think we can do that...I like this one, but that does speak a bit louder.

And if Swank thanked Lowe, maybe they wouldn't have ended up divorced.