Thursday, March 20, 2008

Que Lastima

If I had a spoofy kind of death metal band I would name it Chili Con Carnage. That's what I was thinking earlier tonight and then it occurred to me that perhaps that's already taken and lo and behold it is. I mean, of course it is. In that case, I'd have to go with Burrito Tag, and I'm not even looking that one up to see if it's taken because it might be too crushing.

But if I were to birth a surrealist movement that also made Mexican food I'd obviously go with Enchiladada.


Don said...

There are several other things I would recommend not Googling, as well, and they have absolutely nothing to do with band names.

Don said...
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Anonymous said...

Quote of the BAND:

"You should just call your band Absent Name....."


Anonymous said...

how bout Chimichangachangachanga for the name of a death metal band? I once had wanted to start a band and name it Free Holies. However, that required that I learned how to play an instrument and find other people to learn how to play with me. It was a lot of work, and I already had a job. Damn, I was such a slacker!


Kaufman said...

Leci n'est pas une chalupa.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me. Am I the only one that saw Mr. Schwimmer on Conan O'Brien last night? Or was it Leno? I'm quite certain it was Coney. He even had to be bleeped out and everything. Saw a clip of his new movie that he directed. It looks very funny. They showed a locker room scene or somethin'. Just one of those neaty things again.

Love your spoof band names. I could probably list a whole littany of them, but I'll leave that to the band spoof name expert, Alison. I like your fan groupie page. Maybe a little crowd surfin' is in order? Party like a rock-star.


Pow said...

Chad Lowe, would be a good name for an Emo band.

Death Metal? I'm thinking Fatal Pelvic Exam. Bet that's not taken.

Sweet said...

How about Nacho Momma, or, Chris P. Talk-o, um...for Andy--Andres and the Jewacamoles.

shout out to the eighties with - Chaluparama

Leche letches, Sal y Pimuertos, Arroz con're welcome :-P

bradleyejones said...

I was thinking of: Burrito Banditos