Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Best Bets segment from this morning

I'm wearing the same makeup in this segment (toned down a little and cleaned up) that I was on Red Eye last night because I was too tired to take it off only to be putting it all back on in the span of a few hours. But whenever I do this I end up sleeping like a little mummy because I'm trying not to move so the extra sleep I think I'm going to get by leaving the makeup on is canceled out by the fact that I don't sleep well in it. My hair was delightfully styled here by the woman who regularly does Regis and Kelly's hair but was filling in at NBC because Regis and Kelly is on hiatus. I was far too excited by my hair's brush with greatness! (oh no I did not!!!!!!)(that was an unintended pun! even when I'm on/off I'm on/off!)


Anonymous said...

OH YES YOU DID!!!!!. Niiiice one, I always love the art of making a funny when you're not even trying. I'm glad you showed your clip on this one cause I don't get to see you on there for obvious reasons. Nagnabit I still don't have my sound fixed, but it gives me a chance to hone my other senses. I'm gonna work on that. Aren't I a positive person?

I like how you use untraditional colors in your wardrobe, hence the green you had on last night, and the blue you wore today. I think you're quite stylish. And the camera loves you. Okay now I gotta go post on your previous segment so it doesn't get jealous.

P.S. Im sure glad I re-read my material before I send it. I would look very foolish. As far as spelling goes and flat out leaving words out.

Moople said...

Alison, either I'm drunk or you've never looked prettier. I'd have to say both. How would your parents feel about a nice Irish (recovering) catholic boy from the Midwest?
Chris M.