Saturday, January 05, 2008

And here's my movie segment from last night's Red Eye

If you get bored just scroll ahead to the post-game wrap up part! Also, I'm noticing I lapse into this strange way of speaking when I do these segments (these and the body language ones). It's my smarmy and somewhat clipped faux official news voice. The first thing to go, apparently, are the contractions.


Anonymous said...

I sure wish I knew what smarmy meant. I could of taken the easy way out and looked it up, and make myself appear smarter than I actually am however, I do know how to use context clues, so I get the gist. So I'll give myself partial credit. As far as how well you speak, I think you do a fine job. You're a natural at it. But that's just part of your personality. You expect perfection. Nothing wrong with that. Just keep being you. You're fans love you for it. I always like to put my two cents in. I think it has value. Well, back to watching football! Enjoy your night..

P.S. Doesn't the word *gist* sound disgusting?

Ted from Accounting said...

4:06 - 4:09 - The Alison is about to kick your ass look!

What would be funny is if you went on the NBC morning show and lapsed into that form of speaking! That black news anchor would be thinking WTF and say, "Your so smarmy today Alison!"