Saturday, January 05, 2008

Five Things

Awhile ago my friend Rhett Reese who created the brilliant reality show parody The Joe Schmo Show taught me the "3 truths and a lie" game where you tell someone four things about yourself and they have to guess which one is made up. I was terrible at this game as I'm both gullible and a bad liar. But that shan't stop us from playing it now, blog readers! Perhaps this will even be a recurring blog thingie! You love thingies!

Okay, here are five things you don't know about me. You find the one that isn't true:

a) I can believe it's not butter, but I don't care

b) I'm clumsy

c) I had pet ducks growing up

d) I always preferred Judy Blume to Beverly Cleary

e) I'm a civil war hero


Moople said...

May I play?
1. I had to snort cocaine in front of my parents and a doctor when I was 11.
2. I’ve never eaten an orange.
3. I wrote “I Write the Songs”.
4. Alison Rosen is my favorite RedEye guest.
5. As a young child, I was pushed through a jukebox (it was my 2nd major head trauma and required surgery).
Chris M.

Anonymous said...

Um, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and choose e) a civil war hero. Way to be there with this cool interaction. I vote for a reacurring thingie. And yes, I do love thingies!! I can't live without my thingies.

As far as Moople, I'm gonna go for number 3. I was hoping to choose 1.
that sounds awful.

Now I'm off to bed. I've exceeded my time alotment for the net today. And it was all worth it.

Brent said...

I am totally going with civil war hero. You are WAY too hot to be that old!

Now mine:

1. My father had a top 40 billboard hit.
2. I've been in a helicopter exactly once time.
3. I once went to Canada with a stripper.
4. I worked at a church camp 5 summers in a row.
5. I once wrote a magazine article that included an imaginary sex sequence with Juliana Hatfield.

Which is the lie?

Anonymous said...

Game Quote of the day:

(3 truths and a lie)

1. I'm a virgin

2. I am responsible

3. Zooey 101 is my favorite show

4. I know how to play this game

--Jamie Lynn Spears, Stupidville

Ted from Accounting said...

Ok, so I go and tell all my friends how cool my internet girlfriend is and now I'm choosing between ducks and Judy Blume?

After reading this post, the first thing I thought of was Triple H's song:

It's time to play the's time to play the game...Hmmm, I'm thinking, I'm thinking

You've publicly stated you watch your weight.

I've never seen you filmed either you are wheeled into the set or you could be hiding your clumsiness!

Gated community in O.C. with a you had a duck named Giuseppe

Since I feel our bond between the Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing...I'm going to say the civil war hero as well. But for the record I'm a non-conformist and I submit that answer under duress!

I would post 5 things about myself but I'm rather toasted at the moment and I'm afraid of what I would read in the morning!

Oh, anyone named Moople definitely uses opiates so I choose "I Write the Songs" unless your name is Bruce!

Brent, if I believe #1 then maybe Moople is your dad!

Ed said...

Well, the problem with this list is you didn't say which side for which you were a hero back in the day.

I suspect you were a Jenny Reb, myself.

Fiddle Dee Dee.

spaceagent said...

Alison - you have to make it tougher than that! It's fun finding out little-known facts about you - but you gotta make us work for it!

Thanks for posting the videos- they're so much fun to watch. You seem so comfortable in front of the camera - a lot of people aren't. The camera really loves you!

Anonymous said...

Way off topic here. Ali I was curious to know if you and your folks had come up with a solution to can I put this.....Uh, Tobeys indiscriminate taste of his...Need I go on? No. Perhaps you can let us know in your next post thingie.... Inquiring minds want to know. At least mine anyway.

La. (where gas prices are 2.93 per gal.) at least today.

SFSciolist said...

Wow, a "Joe Schmo" fan. I like you even more now!